Monday, April 8, 2013

My New Best Friend.. Inkssentials Craft Scrubbie Review

 Every time we do anything with any type of medium like paint, glue, markers, permanent markers, wet erase markers, glitter (cringe), flour, shaving cream...etc. I hear the words "I can't get this off!" "Miss Fryer the soap isn't working." Not to mention my students really just don't like anything on their hands.

I have found a solution!

In my spare time I am a paper crafter. I use a lot of ink that is permanent, so I have had a scrubbie in my stash for a long time. As I was scrubbing with it the other day, I this thing is amazing I need one for the classroom. I knew we were painting pots for our plants using acrylic paint and they always get it up their arm and on their face. So I tested it out, and the kids are over joyed.

Online: Stuff4Scrapbooking 
I bought mine at Micheal's craft store. I used a 40% off coupon. It is next to the ink items. 

Here is a picture of a student in my class after painting. You would think she was finger painting.

That's dry acrylic paint. Yuck!

Tried scrubbing with soap and water. No luck, now trying scrubbie. 

Minute later, all clean! My students were really amazed. What took them five minutes scrubbing at the sink and not getting the best results, now takes them a minute and gets everything off! We are in love! Any teacher would be in love with this product!

With a coupon this baby runs you a few dollars. I'd say it is a great investment. 

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