Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Teaching is making me a hoarder.

      Well the title of my blog should describe my situation.  I am a senior at Columbus State University currently engrossed in student teaching. I think that I stay up most of the night finishing plans and getting items ready to showcase in the classroom.  I have wrote so many commentary notes and graded so many papers, that my hand might fall off soon. Yeah, I know what you are saying..."That's just the start." Considering I have not had my own class yet, I know this is just a start and I totally love it. 
     Teaching is certainly making me a hoarder. I feel that everything I see or I have that could be re-usable I store in the closet because I think I might need it one day. This blog is for me to share ideas on how to use those items and get them out of storage. I also want to share reviews on books and products, links to great sites, and technology tips. There are so many fascinating things I find using computers and I would love to share them. I will try to get my first tip up in the next couple of days. It will be about the wonderful storage area that many people do not even know about! I will be adding a few pictures to help explain how to navigate. I can't wait to start blogging more!