Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Children's Book Review 


Change the World Before Bedtime
by  Mark Kimball Moulton, Josh Chalmers, and Karen Good
Publish date: August 31,2013
NetGalley Description: 
●  A rhyming story about changing the world by doing little things
●  An ordinary kid becomes a superhero, along with his friends, by learning what’s important in life
●  Educational and inspirational read-aloud fun for Pre K –2nd

Written in simple, engaging rhyme, this story takes an inspirational look into how the little things in life – a smile, a kind word, a simple deed – can help change the world in a big way. Through 18 stunning illustrations, children will read about eating right, cleaning up the Earth by recycling and conserving, helping the sick and those less fortunate, and working in a group to make bigger miracles. Even an ordinary kid can be a superhero before bedtime! For pre-k to 2nd.


I enjoyed this little book! It will be a perfect addition to any classroom or home library. The colorful illustrations and simple  message will be enjoyed by children. It discusses how to make the world a better place, in little ways. It gives children simple ideas that they can do to help the earth, and how to treat one another. I plan on reading this story to my first graders for their unit on recycling. With the colorful presentation and fun rhyme they will all love to learn from this great book. 


Life got to me. I didn't have anytime to post on this blog! I actually forgot about it for a while. I am now a teacher at the school I attended as a child. Crazy! I am still in shock. The school year is almost over and I have learned a great deal. I love me class and will post a few lessons I did soon. In the mean time, I would like to start posting book reviews that I am doing on NetGalley.


If you have never heard about it you should try it! It is free and fun.  I highly suggest it to avid readers. First you make an account and then request to see new books that haven't even been published! YOU GET TO READ THEM BEFORE they are published! Then you can choose to write a review!